International Connections

BMS World Mission

This is the main agency through which Baptists from the UK are able to serve in other parts of the world. This can take the form of individuals responding to the call of God and, supported by their local church, serving in a wide range of projects over many years.


BMS World Mission also sends short term teams (mainly composed of young people) and the church has acted as a training centre for previous teams.

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Mercy Mission Welfare Society (MMWS)

A mission in Vizianagaram in rural Andhra Pradesh, India set up up by one of the members of Shirley Baptist, Dr Charly Tom, who is Indian by birth. The main campus now includes hostels for 150 children, a day school for 700 children and a theological seminary to train students to degree level. A network of churches across Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Kerala is served by pastors equipped from MMWS. In 2019 a second campus was set-up in Mendangi providing a school with boarding facilities to serve mountain tribal children who have no access to education, along with a small bible seminary. It is anticipated that this campus will develop further. The mission is supported financially by funds raised by Mercy Mission Welfare Society UK (registered charity 1088750) which maintains strong links with Shirley Baptist. For more details see

Karen Shaw

Born in Africa to a missionary family Karen has believed that she would eventually end up serving the Lord in some capacity there. She studied Early Years Development at University and then worked in a local nursery school.


She is currently studying at All Nations Christian College in preparation for a future ministry with children in Africa.