If you’re over the age of 18 you want to know what regular events are on through the week at Shirley Baptist Church then this is the section for you...


Home Groups

When do they meet? Where are they? Who do I contact?


There are a variety of groups to choose from, meeting at different times and on different days of the week. Some of these meet during the day, others in the evenings. And although the groups all share the same key values and beliefs each has its own style and feel, so you are encouraged to try a few out to find the group that best suits you, even if it isn't the closest geographically.


Further details of meeting times and locations; plus contact details for the group leaders are available at the church and through the church office. All of the groups have an "open door" policy and welcome visitors - though it's best to contact the leader beforehand to make sure they are not out on a social the week you plan to visit. They will be very pleased to hear from you.

Church is more than a large group of people who gather together to worship on a Sunday. People also need time to share and grow in their faith in smaller, more intimate context.


That’s where home groups come in. These are groups of around five to twenty people, which meet, typically weekly, in homes and other venues throughout Shirley and wider Solihull.


During these meetings people will discuss, debate, worship and pray together as they help each other to grow spiritually and relationally. These are often interspersed with the group holding social events and undertaking community activity. So all-in-all they provide the perfect setting for people new to Shirley Baptist Church to make friends and feel part of the family.

Ladies' Fellowship

The ladies' meeting on Monday afternoons has been popular among many people for a long time. It is an open meeting and welcomes those from other churches who wish to be part of the group that meets at 2.00pm at Shirley Baptist Church. There is a varied programme of speakers, and each afternoon includes worship and prayer as a central part of the programme.


The refreshments and conversation afterwards are also much appreciated!

Meeting for Prayer

Prayer is taken seriously at Shirley Baptist Church. So there are monthly prayer diaries. There are daily prayer emails from the same list. There are emergency prayer teams ready to take requests from anyone who wants somebody to pray for them. And of course, there are prayers in the services and during the other meetings through the week; from home groups to the maintenance team. 


Why? Because prayer is powerful stuff. It changes things.



Tuesdays is a social group which aims to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for retired people to meet, chat, and play board games, table tennis and pool.  There is a small weekly charge of £1 which includes tea/coffee and homemade cakes.


Originally it was called Tuesdays at 2 - because it met at Tuesdays at 2.00pm - but this has proved so popular that there is now a morning session as well. Hence the shortened name!


In fact both the morning and the afternoon sessions are now full – so please contact the church office to check availability.